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Zappy Zebra Camp - Fun Camp Programs for Children 

in Stamford CT

Thank you for your interest in the Zappy Zebra Camp. We extend an invitation to explore our independent and Fun Camp Programs for Children in Stamford CT. 
Our experienced staff works with 

 small groups to ensure optimal learning and fun.

What sets Zappy Zebra Camp apart from the rest?

We invite you to explore our website to see for yourself!

We are a traditional but themed summer camp, and school break camp, with a family-friendly feel, dedicated to ensuring that your child has the best camp experience possible. Here at Zappy Zebra Camp, we have something for every child out there. Children ages 4-11 will find enthusiasm, excitement, diversity, and kindness amongst the campers at Zappy Zebra Camp, allowing for a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for all!

Fun in the Sun - Summer Camp Activities
Unique Summer Camp Experience at Zappy Zebra
Fun Camp Programs for Children in Stamford, CT