Zumba with Zappy Zebra
This is the zumba component to the Zappy Zebra program

Zappy Zebra's
Tuesday after school class and Z-TEAM

Boys & Girls 4 -10 years 

(11-13yrs Z-Team Captain)


TUESDAY AFTERNOONS from 4:30 - 5:15pm

Belltown Fire House (private space)

8 Dorlen Rd. Stamford CT

 (Across from Newfield Green Shopping Center)

Summer z-team practice is at 3-3:45 while camp is in session.

Zappy Zebra's after school dance/zumba class gives children the opportunity to explore exciting new worlds through fitness, dance and creative arts (no experience required).  In addition to Zumba,  games are incorporated into each class as well as Zappy’s healthy tip of the week. The class also offers children the opportunity to be a part of our performing Z-Team. The Z-Team provides children with the opportunity to perform in the community at schools, local businesses, malls, and parades to name a few.




Watch their energy and fitness levels soar as they get the groove!

Come Join us for the best dance party around!


Call or email us today for more information

(203)536-7018  Christina@zumbawithzappyzebra.com

Come Join us for the best dance party around!


You’re in good health with Zappy!