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School Break Camp

Zappy Zebra School Break Camp in Stamford, CT

Are you wondering what to do with your children while school is closed? Zappy Zebra’s School Break Camp in Stamford, CT, is open while the Stamford Public Schools are closed, and our summer camp activities are the perfect combination of learning and fun!

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent and just need a break, or you are a working parent who needs full-day coverage, we are here to help and we have got you covered! Zappy Zebra Camp is guaranteed to keep your little munchkin entertained during their school break, by packing in all of the fun and excitement into their vacation camp with our summer programs for kids.


Zappy Zebra School Break Camp is open from 9 am to 3 pm when Stamford Public Schools have scheduled closings. We invite you to fill out our registration form to get enrolled today!

Remaining Spring 2018 camp sessions are:
Good Friday - March 30
April Break - April 9 - 13
*School Break Camps run throughout the year when Stamford Public Schools are closed*
Rosh Hashanah Camp

Columbus Day Camp

Veteran's Day Camp

Winter/Holiday Break in December

Martin Luther King Day Camp (January)

February Break Camp

Good Friday Camp

April Break Camp

Summer Camp Late June - Late August

If you are in a separate school district outside of the Stamford Public School System and you are interested in Zappy Zebra hosting a camp during your school breaks please contact us.
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