Zappy Zebra’s Get Moving/Get Happy Weekly THEMED SUMMER CAMP:  

Why bounce around from camp to camp for a variety of summer camp experiences when you can get several different camps in one at one location with one registration!


Your child will be at one location for the summer participating in a variety of different themed camp weeks filled with action packed fun and educational activities in one place.


Zappy Zebra’s Themed Summer Camp Experience is guaranteed to make your child happy and give them something exciting to look forward to each week during their summer vacation. One week your child may be a chef and the next, dancing at a luau in Hawaii! The children look forward to the next surprise theme each week.

Zappy’s Camp offers much more than just a zumba experience! Your child will participate in a variety of structured/educational activities which will take place both indoors and outdoors: crafts, music, zumba, games, sports, interactive games, story time, playground time and much more! All of our activities are geared toward the weekly theme working up to a big celebration of that theme every Friday! There is a performance for the parents at the end of the summer to show you exactly what your child worked on throughout their time at Zappy's Themed Summer Camp.

* We have special events & guest performers throughout the summer depending on the theme of the week

Contact Christina for more info and to register for this unique experience:
PHONE: (203)536-7018  EMAIL:
 I look forward to speaking with you about this once in a lifetime camp experience! For more information about the camp director and the different programs Zappy Zebra Entertainment offers click on the tabs on our home page :)



(only a portion of the day is dedicated to Zumba :)

Originall a Zumba class Now a full summer camp that offers Zumba as an extra activity throuhgout the day...

ZUMBA/Dance PORTION OF CAMP (30-45 minutes per day):

In addition to all of the activities listed above, Zappy Zebra’s Themed Summer Camp offers children the opportunity to explore exciting new worlds through fitness, dance and creative arts. This fun-filled, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning fitness program is geared for both girls and boys from 4-11 years of age. This program uses dance and fitness moves such as Salsa, Merengue and Hip-Hop in a kid-friendly way (no experience required). Watch their energy and fitness levels soar as they get in the groove.

Come Join us this summer for the best dance party around!

 Zappy Zebra's Themed Summer Camp is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the lifelong benefits of fitness, while giving yourself some time to run errands, workout or just simply relax.

Space is limited for this unique experience!

Zappy is available for any occasion (birthday parties, School events, sports functions, fitness classes ect.) Check out the ZAPPY for HIRE tab on our website for more details about Zappy coming directly to your next event!